Mihwa Kim

Mihwa Kim is the founder of Kingfisher’s Noni.Kingfisher’s Noniin Saipan has been producing handmade all natural products from noni and other local ingredients for over a decade. A wide range of haircare and skincare products, as well as noni juice and noni tea, is available.Kingfisher’s Noni was born because of the founder, Mihwa Kim’s search for natural products suitable for sensitive skin. ...

Mihwa’sskin was weak and sensitive ever since she was little. She experienced numerous skin problems. This led to her interest in finding skincare and haircare products that was natural. In the late 1990’s, she went to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Her sensitive skin started to get better. Perhaps this was due to Saipan’s unpolluted, clean air.

While her skin felt better, it was far from ‘healed’. She suffered severely from freckles after her second child was born. She experimented by putting left-over noni tea leaves on her face. The results were spectacular. She was aware of noni’s health benefits as she was selling noni juice and noni tea, but never anticipated noni would bring such direct benefits to the skin.

She began researching more about noni and found many studies. There were many approved patents and numerous patents in process in both America and Korea. She found that noni helps in cell restoration and that noni was incomparably better than genetic cosmetics as it contained several times more stimulation-reducing substances than of those that can be found on regular cosmetic products.

Armed with this information, Mihwa started to make “natural-fermented cosmetics” with noni. Her first product was noni freckles pack. In making the pack, she used the more-costly hydrogel patch instead of using regular nonwoven fabric pack because it would be easier for valid noni components to be delivered to the skin. Noni freckles pack continues to sell well to this day.

Mihwa started experiencing hair loss after the birth of her third child. She experimented with making noni shampoo using natural surface-active agents (natural surfactants). It produced results. She shared samples with friends, who also experienced similar benefits. With promising initial result, she proceeded to make the best shampoo with the best and healthiest ingredients. She spent couple months researching about Saipan’s organic medicinal herbs and met with Chamorros and Carolinians (native local residents of Northern Marianas) to get detailed information about medicinal herbs. She narrowed down the ingredients to noni fruit, noni leaves, noni flowers, moringa leaves, basil leaves, lemongrass leaves, lime peels, and 3 types of natural Indian medicines that are good for the hair. It took several years of research to create noni shampoo.

Miwhaheard of the local tradition of showering in water that’s been boiled with organic medicinal herbs for those women who has recently been in labor. She boiled water with 3 different types of medicinal herbs for 3 days. Again this produced good results. Based on this, she created noni bath tea that contains dried medicinal herbs, noni, and aromatic herbs.

Kingfisher’s Noni makes many different products. The kingfisher bird consumes noni for nutrition, hence the name Kingfishers Noni.

Jesus Castro

Mr. Jesus Castro, a passionate farmer, is the founder of Jess Multi-Farm’s.

Jess Multi-Farms, based in Saipan, is an artisanal producer of crops and livestock. It also processes some of the fruits and vegetables into value added products. ...

Multi-Farms follows sustainable farming practices, such as avoiding use of pesticides and crop rotation. This is to ensure food security for the coming generations, as well as minimise harm to the environment. Jess Multi-Farms also works with various partners to promote increased consumption of local products.

Some of the products made byJess Multi-Farms include chili oil, cassava chips, banana chips and breadfruit chips.

Billy Mateak

Billy Mateak is the proprietor of Pohnpei Handicraft Shop. He is a passionate traditional woodcarver from Kapingamarangi. Billy has been woodcarving for over 20 years. He learnt his skills in the 1970’s, by observing friends and relatives and receiving guidance. This is how Kapingamarangi woodcrafters learn their trade. There are no woodcarving classes, guidebooks or instruction videos....

Billy set up Pohnpei Handicraft Shop to showcase and sell traditional woodcarving made by him and his fellow woodcrafters. He believes in preserving the traditional woodcarving skills, ensuring that the tradition continues to survive and provide an income source. You will find Billy and other woodcarvers at the Pohnpei Handicraft Shop, located in Porakied village in Pohnpei.

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