Treasure Hunting in Micronesia

The pristine Micronesian islands has many treasures to be discovered.

There is plenty to discover for those interested in sights and scenes. Discover the thrill of wreck diving in Chuuk Atoll, home to over 60 sunken ships and aircrafts, and considered one of the best wreck diving spots in the world. Explore these underwater time capsules, brimming with history and mystery. Dive into the mystical Jellyfish Lake in Palau and experience the ethereal beauty of swimming amongst golden jellyfish. Visit Nan Madol, a megalithic city in Pohnpei. Nan Madol is also sometimes known as the eighth wonder of the world, or the Venice of the Pacific.

There are plenty to discover in Micronesia. This article is not about sights and scenes, it is about artisan products.

The Micronesian islands are located far from industrialised countries. The air is clean. The soil is fertile in most of the islands. Climate is tropical. These are ideal for certain crops. Black pepper and coffee grown in Pohnpei is considered one of the best in the world. The islands are also home to noni, the superfruit containing over 170 vitamins and nutrients

Local artisan producers take the best of what the island has to offer, and make skincare and haircare products. These handcrafted products provide the perfect balance between natural and healthy. Free from harsh chemicals and pollutants, you can be assured that you’re taking care of yourself in the best way possible.

And there are people from Kapingamarangi handcrafting woodcarvings using mahogany, mangrove and other native timbers. Their creations are unique, one-of-a-kind. Looking for an unforgettable gift or something to brighten up your home? These unique and distinctive creations will be sure to please!

Micronesia has a lot more treasures to offer. Flame Angel has a small but growing number of products available for purchase online. Flame Angel is working with local entrepreneurs to make their products more accessible to the outside world.

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