Back to Basics

In the olden days we consumed simple whole foods. Then industrialization came. We started consuming ‘sophisticated’ processed foods. Fast food restaurants were born. TV dinners came in fashion. Then food delivery came. Now it seems we are regaining our senses and going back to basics.

More whole foods. Delivered wholesome meal kits. Vegetarian restaurants. The fast food chains are still at just about every street corner throughout the world. But there is a growing number of healthier alternatives. We are becoming more aware of what we put in our bodies. It affects our life. It affects how we look and age. It affects how we feel.

‘Back to basics’ is not just for what we eat. We are also going back to basics for body, skin and hair care. We can see a growing number of all natural products made with good ingredients. Ingredients that are good to eat. And also good for our skin and hair. Even better are products made from superfoods, foods which have plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

There are many superfoods in the world. A lesser known superfood is noni. Its scientific name is morinda citrifolia. Noni is a fruit, it contains over 170 vitamins and nutrients. But it is not a fruit that you want to eat as it. It is bitter, stinky but good for you.

Noni has been used for thousands of years to cure various ailments in the body. A range of products are made from noni including juice, tea, haircare and skincare products. The juice is bitter, it is not something you want to drink with your burger. A small amount is normally consumed for its health benefits. Think of it like a natural medicine, made without chemicals.

You can view some of the products made from noni on Flame Angel. More on this in the next post.

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