Noni – Bitter, Stinky but Good

Noni, or morinda citrifolia, is a fruit-bearing tree, native across Southeast Asia and Australasia. It is also widely found in the Pacific Islands. Noni is considered a superfruit, containing over 170 vitamins and nutrients.

Noni has been used for thousands of years to cure various ailments in the body. Noni’s benefits are too many to list, including antioxidant, immune booster, and promoting skin health. The whole tree is useful, not just the noni fruit.

While noni is a superfruit, its downside is that it is bitter with a stinky cheese aroma. It may not appeal to everyone in its raw state. There is good news, there are other ways to get noni’s benefits.

The range of products made from noni include juice, tea, haircare and skincare products.

Kingfisher’s Noni in Saipan, as the name suggests, has been producing handmade all natural products using noni and other local ingredients for over a decade. Products they make include haircare and skincare products, as well as noni juice and noni tea. Kingfisher’s Noni was born because of the founder, Mihwa Kim’s search for natural products suitable for sensitive skin. This led to her discovering noni. Kingfisher’s Noni uses noni, coconut oil, moringa, basil, lemongrass and other local ingredients in its products.

To market its products online, Kingfisher’s Noni has listed its products on Flame Angel’s online marketplace. According to Mihwa, “before the pandemic, walk-in customers accounted for the bulk of sales from our Made in Saipan gift store. Sales plummeted when the pandemic started. There was less work for our staff and suppliers. It was depressing to see. This prompted us to look into ways to diversify our sales and marketing channels. Online marketing was identified as priority.”

This article was published in the Saipan Tribune.

Click here to see products offered by Kingfisher’s Noni.

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